» Image versus BIO

Genetic modification of food, harmful additives, crops travelling across continents and spoiled consumers used to bulk buying and constant shopping; such is the current image of our relationship to food, its production and consumption according to many scientific and media sources. However, the way we treat food seems to be a by-product of a bigger issue; the entire way of life in modern global society.

(Super)modernity, defined by breakneck speed and emphasis on work efficiency, is literally inscribed in our bodies. The sedentary way of life, accompanied by a lack of natural movement, is reflected in the decrease of our physical strength. Hectic life in the cities gave rise to diseases that were non-existent before. While one part of the planet is discovering the secret magic of international cuisine, a significant part of the global population still cannot afford a basic varied diet.

The amount of food on offer leads both to a greater diversity of demand and to an effort at its reduction which is connected with strategies of producing one’s own food, processing of waste, support of regional farmers and local consumption. Hand in hand with seeking a redefined approach to the acquisition of local resources goes a redefinition of body control and life style that wants to oppose the global system of production and consumption and that is seeking new forms of health, whether these consist in the self-supplying of communities, new forms of diet (vegans, fruitarians) or the life of the prehistoric man.

Are the manifestations of rethinking our relationship to food production, body control and health conception independent manifestations of social change or do they represent temporary global trends seized by smart marketers and opinion leaders? Is “bio” a new ideology, a media bubble or a deeply rooted and expanding way of life and thought?

Be inspired by the presentation of our three guests:

JIŘÍ RŮŽIČKA, philosopher (Institute of Philosophy of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic)

IVO BYSTŘIČAN, documentary filmmaker

ANNA STREJCOVÁ, spokeswoman and co-founder of the Save Food initiative

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