» Image versus Food

19:00 – 21. 10. 2014
Trafo Studio

Food is not only a basic human need but also one of the earliest motifs and themes of visual culture. With the arrival of social media and development of new media forms (primarily food blogs and TV cooking programs), it has also become a ubiquitous visual phenomenon attacking our senses through shiny publicity images, attractive photographs in magazines, Instagram pictures from luxurious restaurants and farmer’s markets while saving the book sector by a spectacular production of trendy cookbooks.
What is the role of food in our everyday life and culture? Where does the new trend of capturing and sharing all that is on our plate come from? Would we really like to take a bite of the “freshly” photographed result of haute cuisine?

MARKÉTA SLAVKOVÁ, food anthropologist (Charles University in Prague)

JAN BEZUCHA, professional photographer

KATEŘINA OBRAZOVÁ, chief editor of Thinkfood.cz blog

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