Image versus Luxury

March 15, 2016

All that glitters is not gold. Or is it? What is our notion of the objects and activities we consider luxurious; what are their attributes? Do they have to glitter, shine, show detailed craftsmanship and expensive materials, or does luxury consist in a private experience of an exclusive activity and a relation to an object that is not available to anyone?

Images of luxury comprise both mental and material images. They invite reflection on sociological images of different social classes whose environments are constituted by different visual signs. Which of the signs we surround ourselves with refer to the meanings of high value, quality and tradition that are traditionally linked to luxury? How does the category of luxury create differences in the society? Are the objects that “debauched” Louis XIV the Sun King surrounded himself with still considered luxurious or does our idea of luxury change with time? Is it the same for all today, and who defines it?

Discuss with our guests:


KATEŘINA PŘIDALOVÁ, design theorist (Designreader.org): “DESIGN AND LUXURY”

JOACHIM DVOŘÁK, editor and publisher, editor in chief of Labyrint Revue: “MAGNUS MAGAZINE vs. MENTAL LUXURY”

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