» Image versus Personal Data

The current global health crisis has fully proved how closely our personal and professional lives are interconnected with digital communication tools. To many groups of people around the globe, these have become an even more essential part of their lives, enabling some to continue with their work while offering others a space to deeply satisfy their needs to share personal information and their feelings. Although the benefits of digital communication currently seem to prevail over its issues and question marks, digital space still remains a field of power controlled by a few more or less visible players. Our work, our joys and woes shared during the quarantine become part of another “quarantine” in which they are collected and analyzed for political, marketing and research purposes.

How can we access this protected space in which the concerns and wishes we have uttered become valuable information commodities? To what extent do we understand what role personal visual data plays in the flow of shared and commercially mined contents? How can visual arts respond to these questions?

Fresh Eye and ALT.TAB have joined forces to present the “Image versus Data” online program  accessible at www.fresh-eye.cz from April 24, 2020.

LENKA HÁMOŠOVÁ, designer and design critic: Synthetic Media and Visual Uncertainty – When seeing still means nothing (ALT.TAB, Prague College)

MICHAL KUČERÁK, design critic and educator: The Internet as Public Space (ALT.TAB, DOX)

MUSHON ZER-AVIV, artist: What Does a Normal Person Look Like? The Normalizing Machine (www.mushon.com)

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