» Image versus Women on the Screen

With the arrival and progress of feminist-oriented thinking, politics, activism and art, the representation of women across visual culture became a crucial field in which significant cultural and social battles have been fought from the 19th century until today. Our daily communication includes representations of women circulating a wide range of visual channels from fine arts and cinema to news media and pop culture, with a handful of music, film and fashion celebrities on top. Under this sphere of primary visibility lies the social infrastructure creating these images – groups of authors, clients, producers, critics. The ones to form the most powerful representations though are the viewers who can accept, modify and reject the proposed images. Who has created and changed the representations of women in the past and today and in what ways?

The debate Image versus Women on the Screen is a common program of the Fresh Eye platform for visual culture studies, Goethe-Institut Czech Republic and the French Institute in Prague. It opens the German-French yearly program series La Femme – The Year of Equality. The 60-minute debate precedes the screening of the German film I’m Your Man (directed by Maria Schrader, Germany, 2021, 105 minutes) at Prague’s Edison Filmhub. The program addresses fundamental questions such as: What do emancipated images of emancipated women look like? Which stereotypes have been successfully overcome on canvas and on screen and which are still alive? What are the new images of women on the cultural horizon of today?

Debate guests:

KLÁRA FEIKUSOVÁ, film theorist (Palacký University Olomouc)



ANDREA PRŮCHOVÁ HRŮZOVÁ, visual culture theorist (Fresh Eye)

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