» Painting versus Political. Dirty Dancing

The online discussion is a part of the Dirty Dancing – Painting as Political project, a two-part essay consisting of text and video created by the philosopher Mika Hannula, bringing together the author and two artists, connecting the dots between the past and present painting practices. 

How can painting get political? And why at all, should we pay attention to this seemingly obsolete medium in the era of multimedia communication? Who is going to dance with whom, and why are we talking specifically about “dirty dancing?

The two-part text and video essay as well as the discussion explores the issues of engagement and participation, the presence and ways of manifestation of politics in our everyday life and society and all of that in relation to the medium of contemporary painting.


Birgir Birgirson, artist, based in Reykjavik

Mika Hannula, writer and curator, based in Berlin

Onya McCausland, artist, based in London

Moderator: Miloslav Vorlíček, curator, based in Prague

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