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We promote a new and fresh look at everyday images and popular visual culture. We are not afraid to cross the boundaries between “high“ and “low” – be it a mass, advertising or art image. We just love balancing on the edge!

What Is Fresh Eye?

Fresh Eye is a platform for the development and promotion of visual culture studies. The regular monthly lectures provide space for young theorists, artists, curators, journalists and creative artists. We build an online library of audiovisual and text sources. We also organize the One Look Is Not Enough competition for university students and the Basics of Visual Communication educational workshop for high schools.

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Zatímco se Fresh Eye přesouvá z New York City na bienální konferenci INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR VISUAL CULTURE, nechybí obíhání současných výstav. V New Museum jsme stihli končící projekt "THE KEEPER" o posedlosti shromažďováním, archivováním, kategorizováním. Zasíláme fotky a doporučujeme podívat se do online archivu na přednášky k večeru věnovanému tématu OBRAZ VERSUS ARCHIV:

Náš spřátelený projekt Transmit zahajuje nový přednáškový program jen o tři týdny dříve nežli Fresh Eye! V pátek 30. září bude zkoumat, jakým způsobem může docházet k propojení našeho fyzického těla s digitálním prostorem a nakolik hranice našeho těla mohou fungovat jako svého druhu interaktivní interface. Doporučujeme zavítat! ...

Transmit warm-up #1 : body, space and digital interaction

September 30, 2016, 6:00pm - September 30, 2016, 4:55pm

Studio ALTA

Body, space and digital interaction. ------------------------------------------------------ talks, spatial design, a/v performance First Transmit Festival warm-up brings the topic Body, space and digital interaction. What does it mean for our bodies to interact with digital space and how can we enter it? Can the physical space be an interface? How the physical space influences the digital one? Stuart Foster is a spatial designer and researcher from New Zealand. His specialization is in the emerging fields of digital interactive spatial environments and digital fabrication technologies. Foster’s research focuses on emerging technologies through the application of virtual modelling, visualising and sensing technologies to create interactive spatial environments. The founding principles of his research are drawn from architecture, phenomenology of perception and haptic technologies. At Transmit warm-up#1 Stuart will present his work and the outputs from his workshop Touchdesigner: Body. Space. Time. which starts the day before. Stuart will have have a keynote speech about his understanding of interaction between body and digital and physical space. Mária Júdová is a multidisciplinary artist from Slovakia. She's currently doing a Master at FAMU Center for audiovisual studies in Prague, researching on a dance-tech and technologically informed dance practices, more precisely on the use of bio-sensors in the field of contemporary dance. She lately participated at Dutch Electronic Gestival in Rotterdam, Cinedans festival in Amsterdam and Creative coding lab in Berlin. Maria will talk about her work and presents her thinking about the relationship between digital space and body. BLOK_4 is a artist collective whose members focus on new media, film, music and light design. Their work is effective and minimalist, while at the same time always backed up by a clear and comprehensive conceptual basis. Much of our work is inspired by industrial structures, digital anomalies, repetitive rhythms, kinetic art and minimalism. They will present their unique A/V performance focused on interaction with gestures. After the performances you will have the opportunity to taste 120mins long, ambient/techno dj set from Anmer (Polygon Records). Recommended for dancers, artists, designers, architects and technologists. Free admission. Transmit is an educational platform for digital culture, art and technology. Transmit Festival will be held on 24th and 25th March 2017 in Kino U Hradeb in Prague. The event is supported by Studio Alta. TRANSMIT is an educational platform for digital culture, art and technology of the SIGNAL Festival.


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