Since 2017, Fresh Eye organises a national interdisciplinary conference “See You” presenting currently run research projects of professional research groups and doctoral candidates in the expanded field of visual culture. The conference also includes a guest lecture of internationally well known theorist (2017 – Marquard Smith [Journal of Visual Culture], 2018 – Krešimir Purgar [Centre for Visual Studies]) and offers the most recent and canonic titles in the field in form of a small bokk fair.

Programme of 2017 conference

Article on 2017 Conference See You [EN] (Mediální studia, 2/2017)

Programme of 2018 conference

Programme of 2019 conference


1feFresh Eye has significantly contributed to translation of the seminal books defining the field of visual culture studies to Czech language.

John Berger: Ways of Seeing / Způsoby vidění (2016, Labyrint, translation: Andrea Průchová Hrůzová)

W. J. T. Mitchell: Picture Theory / Teorie obrazu (2016, Karolinum, translation: Andrea Průchová Hrůzová, Ondřej Hanus, Lucie Chlumská)

Nicholas Mirzoeff: How to See the World / Jak vidět svět (2018, ArtMap, translation: Andrea Průchová Hrůzová, Jan Škrob, see a lecture of Nick Mirzoeff in Prague (March 2019)



Call for Papers: One Look Is Not Enough!

Open competition for university students looking for short student texts as well as final theses dealing with themes related to the field of visual studies. Submissions include theoretical seminar theses, essays and scholarly analytical texts. The aim of the call is to map pop culture themes and to achieve a critical reflection on traditional problems related to the theory of the image.

Call for Papers Vol. 4
Competition announced in 2017. There were 12 submitted texts, 3 authors had a talk.

Call for Papers Vol. 3
Competition announced in 2016. There were 19 submitted texts, 3 authors gave a live presentation.

Call for Papers Vol. 2
Competition announced in 2015. There were 20 submitted texts, 3 authors gave a live presentation.

Call for Papers Vol. 1
Competition announced in 2014. There were 18 submitted texts, 3 authors gave a live presentation.



An educational program for high schools

FRESH EYE: Basics of Visual Communication

How to understand the images of everyday culture? What do billboards, photographs and political campaigns have to tell us? How do we make use of public space?

Fresh Eye offers an external lecture in the form of a workshop to high schools. Under the supervision of experts, the workshop presents the phenomena and changes in contemporary visual culture in a comprehensible, entertaining and interactive way.

As a global medium of information, communication and art, the image has a significant impact on the world we live in. In the span of 90 minutes, the workshop will introduce three principal fields of visual culture: photograph and its use; advertising and its interpretation; public space and its function.

The program uses practical examples to start a debate and employs group work to make the students see the image as an important, complex and indispensable element of contemporary society.

For more information about the program,
including its content details and information about
the tutors, see the
attached document.



The online library includes original texts dealing with visual studies in the field of humanities and art theory disciplines. It presents and promotes themes and young authors, primarily students. Its thematic focus is related to the program of the monthly series of Fresh Eye lectures. The texts are only available in Czech.