» Fresh Eye versus Image. Decade with & about Images

On the occasion of its twelfth anniversary, the Fresh Eye platform for visual culture studies holds a public debate with leading personalities in Czech visual culture theory and pedagogy.

Together, we will look back on the past decade which brought many technological, political and cultural-social changes. The production, circulation and understanding of images was substantially transformed by the algorithmization of digital communication and the emergence of new social media such as Instagram and TikTok revolving around visual communication. The development of artificial intelligence and its expansion into the everyday and the production of media and artistic content cannot be overlooked. New global issues have entered the public debate on community, national and international levels, including (among many) migration, Russia’s war in Ukraine, climate change, decolonization and the movement for gender equality and LGBTQI+ visibility. What new representations, strategies and communication practices have emerged in visual culture? How have we been able to respond to them in the Czech context? How has visual culture and image theory been able to gain institutional support at Czech universities and how interested in critically reflecting the image are students and the general public?

On Monday, November 27 at 6 pm, these topics will be debated in the informal atmosphere of ArtMap bookstore by the following guests:

LUCIE ČESÁLKOVÁ, film and advertising historian (National Film Archive & Charles University)

MARTINA PACHMANOVÁ, art historian and curator (Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design)

MARIE FULKOVÁ, theorist and researcher in the field of visual pedagogy (Pedagogical Faculty, Charles University)

ROBERT SILVERIO, photography theorist and historian (Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University)

Moderated by ANDREA PRŮCHOVÁ HRŮZOVÁ, founder and program director of Fresh Eye

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