» Image versus Criticism: GERGELY NAGY

The lecture Hungary. A grim story that gives us a glimpse of hope delivered by the Hungarian critic, writer and editor-in-chief of artportal.hu is produced in collaboration between the Fresh Eye platform and the Věra Jirousová Award.

After 10 years of so-called illiberalism, the cultural landscape has changed for good in Hungary.
There is an optical illusion: there are public funded art institutions but these institutions have 

nothing to do with neither the public nor the art community anymore. The state-party is buying up and privatizing culture. There is censorship embedded in the structures: when artists cannot find funding, partner institutions, exhibition spaces and do not have access to the media, then art production shrinks.  There is a deep division: official culture and counterculture, art that celebrates the party-state and art outside the corrupt structures.  

What are the chances for critical thinking, critical writing? What kind of new models can be found? How can independent structures survive?  And what could we do about it? 

The lecture followed by discussion will be streamed via Fresh Eye´s YouTube channel. The audience is encouraged to contribute to the program by posing questions via the chat. The lecture will be held in English.

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