» Image versus Digitalized Bodies

Digitalization has irrevocably entered our lives, including our flesh and bones. Through omnipresent innovative technological solutions in the fields of health, beauty, sleep or eating, the phenomenon is (unconsciously) incorporated into our bodies. The workshop is aimed at the critical and theoretical, yet embodied, reflection of the changes our bodies go through in the digital era. During the workshop, we will search within ourselves for personal traits and needs fulfilled by the digital solutions, discuss the cultural traits which caused the change and reflect on existing. We will look closer at the possible individual and cultural consequences such as the possibility to control our own and other people’s futures, expanding our bodies onto others, and globalization of the bodily experience. The theoretical framework of the workshop will be rooted in Maurice Merleau-Ponty’s phenomenological concept of embodiment and its openness to the world, including other objects into the notion of „own body“, yet unique knowledge will be constructed by the participants.

The workshop has limited capacity, and reservations can be made by contacting pavla@fresh-eye.cz. The workshop will be conducted in English without translation.

The workshop will be hosted at the rectorate of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (AMU) at Hartigovský palác, Malostranské náměstí 12, Prague 1.

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Dominika Byczkowska-Owczarek is a Polish sociologist specializing in the study of corporeality and the embodied experience of social reality. Currently working as an assistant professor at the University of Lodz, she published a monograph in Polish in 2020, focusing on ethnographic research within a hospital environment.

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