» Image versus invisible

The first edition of the Fresh Eye program in 2022 represents a collaboration between the Platform for the Study of Visual Culture(s) Fresh Eye and the gallery Hraničář located in Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic. It draws upon a year-long dramaturgy of the gallery examining the phenomenon of the „light“ from various perspectives. The collaborative program approaches the issue of the light through the topic of invisibility and it focuses on the notion of the light as a social visibility. It reflects upon the visuality as a socially constructed sphere in which certain themes, groups and objects are made visible, and on contrary, the others are pushed into shadows, or even excluded from the realm of the visible. Three short lectures will therefore be dedicated to outlining a vision of a more inclusive society and will discuss the issues of marginalized groups of migrants and refugees, or less visible urban groups.

LUDMILA WLADYNIAK, visual sociologist (PL/CZ, Charles University in Prague): Darknes Is Powerless(ness)

BORIS RUŽIĆ, film & visual theorist (HR, Rijeka University): Evidence and Affect in Visual Practices of Migrants in the Balkans

MILOTA SIDOROVÁ, urbanist (SK, Metropolitan Institut of Bratislava): How to Understand the City and Its People?

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