» Image versus Multi-sensory Reality

We are creatures with a highly evolved visual system and we put much trust into seeing. The technology we develop mirrors this, we like to rely on audiovisual representation to communicate. While technological tools bring an indisputable amount of liberation, they also shape the way we experience and interact with our environment and each other. What does this mean for us, our bodies, our minds, our social world, our imagination? What is at stake and what are the possibilities? What is the role and responsibility of artists, how to question and explore this? This informal event will include a screening of two short films made by Tereza Stehlikova in response to the recent pandemic reality. It will be followed by an open discussion between Tereza and her guest, Danish philosopher Carsten Friberg, on the issues raised, while others will be invited to join in.

Tereza Stehlikova is a Czech/British artist and educator, working in the medium of the moving image and participatory performance. Tereza is the head of the visual arts department at Prague School of Creative Communication and also teaches a PhD artistic methods course at AMU. Previously she worked as a senior lecturer at Westminster University and Royal College of Art, London. Tereza founded and edits an online arts journal/platform Tangible Territory, featuring essays and articles by established artists/authors from the world of arts, science and philosophy, centred on how we make sense through our senses. Research blog: https://cinestheticfeasts.com/

Carsten Friberg is a Copenhagen based independent scholar. He has been assistant and associate professor at Aarhus School of Architecture and Aalborg University, held teaching positions at Copenhagen University and University of Southern Denmark along with a line of guest teachings in relation to design, media and art.

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