» Image versus School

19:00 – 19. 05. 2015

The image is an inevitably ubiquitous medium. The transition to visual communication seems unstoppable and the concern about the future development of man’s ability to perceive, recognize and pass on information keeps growing. Apocalyptic visions of isolated worlds of internauts, herds of minds trapped in technological black boxes and the arrival of a generation that is unable to read a longish newspaper article have become a popular tool of illustrating this concern. On the other hand, the image represents a globally shared medium that enables swift and effective communication, develops new forms of perception and cognitive processes and, last but not least, represents an increasingly important model of contemporary science and society.

What are the possibilities of the use of the medium of the image in education? What forms did the educational function of visual culture have in history? How does education get on with new media?
The “Image versus School” program is made in collaboration with Oživme Hollar association. It will be exceptionally held in the courtyard of the Hollar building of the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University in Prague.

Learning through images, learning about images and images of learning will be discussed by:

LUCIE ČESÁLKOVÁ, film historian (National Film Archive, Masaryk University)

KAMIL ČINÁTL, didactics expert (Charles University in Prague)

JAROSLAV PINKAS, historian (Charles University in Prague)

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