» Image versus Image of Science

 – 08. 12. 2011
Studio Trafo

How to cope with an image that is neither the product of an author nor of a viewer, is not meant for presentation at art institutions and does not primarily ask for an artistic evaluation? How to cope with the image of science with a biological or chemical theory for a frame, the scientific discourse for a language play and a mechanical or digital technology for an author? How can one approach a technical manual, a map, a cartographic record or an x-ray image as visual images and how can one find the common denominators with the process of reflection on visual arts? To what degree can photographs of remote cosmic bodies and spaces be perceived as a study material and when do they turn into artworks whose form of expression mesmerizes our mind and view?

MARTIN ŠIMŮNEK, theorist of scientific images

JAN D. BLÁHA, ethnographer

ŠTĚPÁN PUDLÁK, semiotician and media analyst


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