» Image versus Video Games

18:00 – 21. 05. 2013
Trafo studio

On the international scale, games studies are a young yet fully established discipline. In the Czech environment, games studies are still rather a Cinderella. Who are the theorists and makers of video games in the Czech Republic? How are the images of video games imprinted in today’s popular and high culture and are they merely stereotypical images of violence and death?

The game theory, video games and their impact on mass visual culture, their merging with elements of art and their relation to the gaming community will be discussed both in individual presentations and in a common debate by:

JAROSLAV ŠVELCH, gaming practice theorist (Charles University in Prague)

ONDŘEJ NEUMANN, games producer (Infinitum)

PAVEL DOBROVSKÝ, journalist, and BOHDAN HEBLÍK, graphic designer

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