» Image versus Visual Literacy II

The second session addressing the theme of visual literacy will show how the quality of visual communication, in the form of graphic design in this case, contributes to the positive development of the viewers’ ability to critically understand visual messages. Three particular examples discussing the relationship between visual literacy and graphic design will critically address the phenomenon of visual smog in public space, data visualization and the quality of visual communication in textbooks. The short presentations will be followed by a common discussion open to the visitors.

The evening will present the following lecturers and debaters:

PAVLA PAUKNEROVÁ, design theorist “Data Visualization and Data Literacy”

VERONIKA RÚT NOVÁKOVÁ, graphic designer „Visual Smog“

ANDREA PRŮCHOVÁ, (visual) culture theorist “Who forgot about images in textbooks?“

Debate guest:

KATEŘINA PŘIDALOVÁ, design theorist

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Watch the video recordings and photos from the first Fresh Eye evening dealing with visual literacy.

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