» Workshops Performative Dialogues with AI

The Fresh Eye platform for visual culture studies and the Uroboros festival of socially involved design invite the general public, artists, students and experts in the field of media, graphic design and communication technologies to participate in the two-day workshop meeting dedicated to the development of critical discussion and practical reflection of the production, application and experimentation with artificial intelligence.

The international program will take place on Friday, December 8 and Saturday, December 9 at the Krenovka Cultural and Community Center, Husitská 22, Prague 3. It will offer three free workshops in English without interpretation and the final discussion. We are looking for participants interested in joining the full program on both days.

Please, apply with a short motivation text (max. 250 words) and a bio/portfolio by November 20, 2023. In case of any uncertainties or questions, do not hesitate to contact pavla@fresh-eye.cz.

The workshops will be recorded on video and published on the websites www.fresh-eye.cz and www.fresh-eye.org. By submitting an application, participants consent to the recording of their face and voice.

The event is part of the Uroboros Festival 2023, the first part of which takes place on November 2–4, 2023 at Petrohradská Kolektiv, Petrohradská 13, Prague 10. For the fourth time, the festival becomes a platform for meetings of artists, designers and researchers combining their interest in the eco-social transformation and new technologies, which they subject to critical reflection in an attempt to find new forms of collaboration and mutual understanding. www.uroboros.design


8. 12. 4 — 6 pm Laura Juliane Wagner

8. 12. 6:30 — 8:30 pm Eryk Salvaggio

9. 12. 10 am — 12 pm Lenka Hámošová

9. 12. 12:30 pm — 2 pm Collective Discussion

Laura Juliane Wagner (she/her) is an interdisciplinary designer working as researcher in the KITeGG project seeking to sustainably anchor AI in design education. She co-directs a university research center studying artificial intelligence and robotics. She educates on design through theoretical and practical workshops and seminars.

Eryk Salvaggio (he/his) is a new media artist and interdisciplinary design researcher. He critically examines new technologies, testing the myths attached to them and narratives reducing their positive impact on social and cultural ecosystems. His work has been curated at film and music festivals, gallery installations and conferences.

Lenka Hámošová (she/her) is a designer and researcher specializing in synthetic media and innovative applications of AI in art and design. From the in-depth perspective of human-AI co-creation, she examines the potential of AI as a co-creator in the field of art, asking whether AI can truly comprehend our inner world full of emotions and physical experience. She also deals with the ethical aspects of current AI models and contemplatess the future impact of generative art in creative fields.

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