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Fresh Eye is a series of lectures on the phenomena of visual culture. It provides space for young theorists, journalists, artists and curators. It is the only curated concept dealing with visual studies in the Czech Republic.

Fresh Eye was founded in October 2011. Based in Petrohradská kolektiv, an industrial building of former bakery in Prague’s Vršovice district, it offers a free regular monthly program focused on popular visual culture. It deals with war pornography, the cult of the body, advertising as well as visual anthropology, archive and gender.


Over the period of seven years, Fresh Eye has prepared more than 55 evening programs with a thematic focus, introduced over 220 guests and welcomed over 1800 visitors.

Fresh Eye builds an extensive video and photo archive of all lectures, including recordings of related events. The recordings are available for free at www.fresh-eye.org.

Fresh Eye helps university students to share and present their interest in the research of visual culture through the national Call for Papers: One Look Is Not Enough publishing seminar, bachelor’s, master’s and dissertation
theses dealing with image studies online and inviting selected students to give a
live presentation of their work.


Fresh Eye offers a free educational program for high school students presenting the themes and problems of popular visual culture (photojournalism, social media, advertising and public space).

Since 2017, Fresh Eye organises a national interdisciplinary conference See You presenting currently run research projects of professional research groups and doctoral candidates in the expanded field of visual culture. The conference also includes a guest lecture of internationally well known theorist (2017 – Marquard Smith [Journal of Visual Culture], 2018 – Krešimir Purgar [Centre for Visual Studies]) and offers the most recent titles in the field in form of a small book fair.


Fresh Eye has also significantly contributed to translation of the seminal books defining the field of visual culture studies to Czech language: John Berger: Ways of Seeing / Způsoby vidění (2016, Labyrint) W. J. T. Mitchell: Picture Theory / Teorie obrazu (2016, Karolinum) Nicholas Mirzoeff: How to See the World / Jak vidět svět (2018, ArtMap)